We are all human of different cultural backgrounds, with many particular habits. We should not be portrayed by stereotype, cast, or pinned to any particular social prejudice. I will not deny my Mexican upbringing (heritage), and it will not limit me in anyway. Such imaginary walls, I feel only divides us and places barriers.


My work reflects the environment we all share, yet sometimes my Latino background draws a focus towards a social awareness, that most times sits quietly in the background of our conscience. My work is based on the collaboration with society. It creates a reaction from those that observe, reminding them of the injustices in our communities, cities, state, countries and sometimes the world. The responsibility as an artist is to reflect all that surrounds us and makes us aware by bringing out our most hidden images from within our subconscious.  

Saul Aguirre


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When I walked into the space artist Saul Aguirre was performing his work, 'Tokeo', I was amazed by the his ability to capture the imagination of the audience. Surrounded on two levels by an engaged audience, Aguirre piously and methodically expressed complex ideas of heritage, time, and modification. UICA was pleased and honored to have the work of Aguirre be a part of 'Pulso: Arte de las Americas'.
Alexander Paschka
Exhibitions Curator
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA)

Saul is a dedicated, enthusiastic artist who makes intriguing work, and is a pleasure to know.

Carla Winterbottom 2009

Curator at Beverly Arts Center

Saul is a great art professional with solid execution whatever the task might be... and as an artist.... he has solid aesthetics.

Aron Packer 2009
 Aron Packer Gallery

Saul is a prolific performer whose work reflects not only his sense of creativity but his perspective of the world he see. His performing work and paintings are like a report. The most intriguing part, however, like any enriched art is that it may interpreted in a range of ways and that's what make his work exciting to watch and enticing to reflect on.

Zashura Henry 2009
Multidisciplinary Writer and Creative Consultant

Saul has a dedication to visual art that reflects a deep understanding of trends and schools of aesthetics. Saul has assisted other artists in mounting gallery shows and portfolio presentations. He has a life affirmative approach to his subjects which range from the realistic to the mythological.

Carlos Cumpian 2009
Director of March Abrazo Press, Educator Language Arts

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© Saul Aguirre 2020