Shadows as artwork

I have included several links about the shadow artwork. I hope you can enjoy it.

Art Basel week Miami 2013

It was amazing the week in Miami, on day one attended the Untitled VIP night, I had the privilege to meet Marina Ambramovic, she has a great spirit. the rest of the week was setting up the booth and meeting people. 

We went to several of the Fairs happening during the week, Context, Art Miami, Aqua. On another day I walked to Brazil art fair, and walked over the Wynwood walls.  This was another great year in Miami. I also was on the background analyzing how people perceived my artwork. 

A long week of excitement. 33 Contemporary did an amazing job with the collection represented of Chicago Artists in the fair. 

Art Basel week Miami 2013

After several years of being part Antena Gallery of this week long of art fairs in Miami, this is the first time being represented by 33 Contemporary Gallery at ArtSpot Miami Intl Art Fair. 

Long day at work!

After being in the office, part of the night and inviting a guest to see the studio, it was the beginning of a full night of energy to create the image that has been burning in my brains. I am very please with the way my work has been evolving. 

The investigation of the idea and image was part of most of the overtime work of the brain. 


one piece one word

I am continuing to do this great series of works based custom words, at the value of $30 each. To request your piece please send me an email. Offer goes until the the series of 50 pieces are met!


"Yes... But is it Art"

Just running into the question of the arts! the art is a response to the keen eye for the believer.
What would be your response to this story?

Here is a continuation years later about the segment

New Studio Space!

I am glad to inform you that I have acquired a new studio space in Chicago's Pilsen Neighborhood! In Collaboration of Mercat de Arte an eclectic boutique and artist studio offering vintage fashion and design, creative workshops and custom framing services. We will be providing an array of services to your reach.  We are honored to share the stylistic philosophy of Mercat de Arte- Creative Living with Culture and Style. Website coming soon!!

Miami Basel- Verge Art Fair

Today driving from Chicago to Verge Art Fair on route, it was raining all the time. I saw about five car accidents on the road. Now I am in Atlanta to getting some coffe to continue for my destination

A new piece delivered

I have finally delivered  a new work that was comissioned from a friend, the piece looks amazing and I am very happy to say that he has a good work in his collection


I had an amazing Day meeting old friends and making new connections, My work is striving, moving along to a new experience in life..